Use facetoken capabilities online, with facetoken Web API service. Try out all facetoken features free. We offer flexible and cost-efficient pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.



In order to give users a better development experience, every interface user can use it for free. Up to 2QPS.

Pay As You Go

starting from

Top up account and pay for what you consume. Use all services with guaranteed performance.

Daily/Monthly Plan

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If you prepay for the monthly / hourly plan, you will be able to use unlimited number of calls during the effective time.

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  • FREE Forever

  • Top-up and pay for what you consume

    Billed by API requests and Face Storage time

  • Prepay for usage during a period of time

    Billed by QPS capacity and duration (hour / month)

    No extra charge for API requests or Face Storage


  • Access to all facetoken APIs

    Create up to 1 API Key

  • Access to all facetoken APIs

    Guaranteed Min. 10 QPS capacity for Facial Recognition

    Unlimited Face Storage

    Create multiple API Keys

  • Access to all facetoken APIs

    Customized QPS capacity

    Unlimited Face Storage

    Create multiple API Keys


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  • Tech Support


  • Tech Support


Price Advantage

Featured API Monthly Plan

API Monthly Plan allows you to customize the QPS capacity you need,at a most favorable price

Options For Businesses Of All Sizes

Whether you are starting up,growing your business or already large organizations with demanding requirements.

Top Up And Get Rewarded

Enjoy bonus credit when you top up.The more you top up at a time,the more bonus you get.

Quick FAQs

What is QPS and QPS capacity?

QPS is the number of queries or requests per second.If you have more QPS capacity,more API requests can be handled within a certain period of time.

How to calculate QPS capacity?

When using APIs in same group,QPS capacity will be calculated together.If you purchase 5 QPS capacity for facial recognition group,you can make 5 requests in 1 second,no matter which API in this group you are using.

Can I add up Monthly / Hourly Plans?

If the time periods of two plans intersect,then during the intersection period,the QPS capacity in these two plans would be added up.

How to apply for invoice?

When you recharge or purchase services on the platform and complete the payment, you can contact us to issue a technical service fee invoice for you. Please view the document at the PC end in detail.

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