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Face Recognition

Face Detection

Detect faces within images and mark rectangle frame for faces. After detecting the face, analyze and acquire 72 landmarks such as eye, mouth...

Face Landmarks

Position and return the face high-precision landmark information, the landmarks includes the facial features and contours of the face...

Face Comparing

Through the two faces provided, the depth analysis calculation is performed to obtain the confidence and threshold of the similarity for the two faces...

Face Attributes

Detect the images provided by user and analyze the attribute information recognized from the face within the image, including gender...

Face Searching

With the provided face, we search in the face library, analyze and determine whether it is someone in the library, or return the corresponding sort results...

Video Structuring

Clothing Recognition

When user provided with a video (image), it will analyzed by a deep neural network algorithm, and returned to the detected person clothing ...

Gender Recognition

Analyze a given video (image), obtain the human body feature information, and return the human gender attribute. Through the results...

Age Recognition

Through the age recognition function, it will be quickly analyze the age information of people in the video. This function is widely used...

Vehicle Recognition

We use the deep neural network algorithm to analyze the specific information of each vehicle, and can accurately identify the car series of each...

Identity Authentication

Pass Recognition

The ability to identify international passports and Hong Kong and Macao passes is one of the highlights of our products. This function can...

User Scenario

Smart Retail

Help to upgrade business scenarios such as member management and passenger flow analysis and improve business efficiency.

Intelligent Education

Help to create a smart campus system to improve the campus life experience and security.

Commercial Real Estate

Provide comprehensive upgrade solutions for management transformation such as intelligent buildings and enterprises.

Enterprise Service

Assist enterprises in intelligent upgrading of employees' attendance, personnel visits and other scenes.

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